8 ways to protect your Organization from Ransomware

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: computer network services, Managed IT Services, how to protect your Organization from Ransomware, what is Ransomware

How to get protected from Ransomware

If there’s any cyber threat that people are worried about right now is certainly Ransomware. For a multi-billion dollar, multi-level industry, Ransomware has become a matter of concern. And so protect organizations from Ransomware attacks, many business owners are seeking help from Managed IT Services New York.

Ransomware is targeting every kind of organization out there. The attackers do not seem to be very particular in their selection of victims, and organizations running from insurance agencies to oil pipelines and even institutions of higher education are getting targeted by attackers nowadays.

So, let’s now know in detail about this Ransomware and also know how you can protect your organization from attacks by Ransomware.

What Is Ransomware?

: computer network services, Managed IT Services, how to protect your Organization from Ransomware, what is Ransomware

Well, Ransomware is a type of malware attack planned to restrict users from getting access to their systems and data. Generally, this’s performed by encrypting your folders and files, using some variants of ransomware to encrypt the entire system drive.

Once attackers hack your entire system, they demand a ransom, generally, in the shape of a cryptocurrency, in exchange for access to unlock your data.

Such attacks often target both businesses and home users. Nevertheless, because organizations work on networks containing many connected devices, in case one device somehow gets infected, there’s a chance that the Ransomware may spread laterally all over your network.

Thus, only a single infected device can easily turn into numerous infected devices, perhaps reaching and also infecting vital systems causing business-threatening issues. Recovering from a severe ransomware attack may take months or even more which is why learning how to stop ransomware attacks is important.

Who Is A Prey For Ransomware?

: computer network services, Managed IT Services, how to protect your Organization from Ransomware, what is Ransomware

Any industry is prey for ransomware attackers, but some characteristics increase the chance of being targeted. These factors are as follows:

Who Stores Extremely Sensitive Data

If your organization deals with work that requires storing extremely sensitive data then attackers will be more interested in locking down or exfiltrating your organization in the expectancies of receiving huge sums from you. Attackers assume that such organizations will be hopeless to get their useful data assets back at any cost.

Companies With Low Cybersecurity

If your company’s cyber security level is low then you are an easy target for Ransomware attacks. For example, organizations such as higher education, transportation, and gas & oil have a low level of cyber security. Thus, these sectors are often get targeted by Ransomware.

Small To Medium Range Businesses

Often small as well as medium-sized organizations are at high risk of Ransomware attacks because attackers think their cyber security controls and programs are weak as compared to big companies.

How To Protect Your Organization From Ransomware

How To Protect Your Organization From Ransomware

Ransomware continues to be among the biggest threat on the Internet. So, understanding the ways to protect your organization from Ransomware is a must. Let’s learn how can you protect your organization


Ensure you have backups of all data so that even if your system gets attacked by ransomware and you can’t decrypt your data. For this, you can have an extra hard drive and ensure you disconnect the extra hard drive from your system after creating a backup. In case you keep the hard drive connected, the data on this will be also encrypted.

Don’t Click Links from Unknown Sources

Avoid clicking on a link from unknown sources. Because as soon as you click on a malicious link, an automatic download may begin, which can cause infection of your system.

Don’t Disclose Your Personal Info

In case you get a text message, a call, or an email from some untrusted sources asking for your personal info, don’t answer it. Attackers planning an attack may try to collect your personal data in advance, and then use them accordingly.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

A multi-factor authentication process forces you to verify your identities in several ways before you are granted access to the system. In case some info ever gets leaked to an attacker, the criminal can’t gain effortless access to the systems if you use multi-factor authentication.

Use VPN On a Public Wi-Fi Network

Being responsible while using a public free Wi-Fi network is a vital measure to protect your system against ransomware. As soon as you are using public Wi-Fi networks, your device becomes vulnerable to attacks.

For your system’s safety, avoid using the public Wi-Fi network for sensitive information or use a VPN service.

Keep Your Operating System And Software Up-To-Date

Keeping operating systems and programs up-to-date helps to protect them against malware. As soon as you update, ensure you’re utilizing the latest security system. This will certainly make it more challenging for attackers to exploit exposures in software.

Utilize Anti-Ransomware Solution

To get your data, ransomware must execute some anomalous actions, for example, opening as well as encrypting a lot of files and folders. Protecting them against ransomware requires a technical security solution.

There comes Anti-ransomware solutions at your rescue. These solutions generally monitor software running on your system for dubious behaviour commonly performed by ransomware. In case these behaviours are noticed, the software can stop encryptions before further harm is done.

Why Choose Managed IT Services New York

Managed IT Services New York can help organizations control the attack of Ransomware. Managed IT Services New York provides you with control, insights, and visibility into your network, so that you can prevent the negative impact and spread of Ransomware as soon as the vectors get discovered.

For example, Managed IT Services New York has a policy-based permit control solution, which can immediately respond to dangers by quickly isolating down as well as locking communications on wireless, wired, and also switching docks at the edge.

Managed IT Services New York knows exactly what to do to prevent attacks from Ransomware. So, if you want to protect your organization from Ransomware, contact us today and make sure you are protected from Ransomware.

Managed IT Services New York helps you build and maintain a powerful security foundation along with corresponding solutions that stretch the enterprise.


Ransomware attacks are a common issue with cybercriminals now. Ensure your organization is well-protected from Ransomware with the help of Managed IT Services New York.

Managed IT Services New York can improve protection across any organization by simply managing every identity and checking every packet. Consequently, this service protects your details wherever it goes as well as shares intelligence to protect against a wide range of threats together with ransomware.

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