Managed IT services

Essential to any business

  • Outsource the Management of your infrastructure whether on site, in a data center or in the cloud
  • Benefit from an Evolving Environment managed by experts who adapt to your needs and allow you to quickly deploy new environments to increase productivity
  • Fully integrated IT solution with control of your budget
  • IT support at affordable price and customizable packages, we take care of your IT so you can focus on your business
  • Gain flexibility in the management of your IT system and adapt it to your real needs
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Managed IT services

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Delegate the management of your infrastructures (servers, applications, IT) to focus your teams on your business solutions and thus create value. 

  • Custom managed services
  • Migration and hosting in a cloud computing environment
  • Supervision of your IS in optimal conditions
  • Optimal security of your IS
  • Scalability of your information system

From partial to full outsourcing of your IT Services, discover our offers

IT maintenance

Entrust the maintenance of your on-site IT infrastructures to experts in order to quickly resolve your IT problems. IS availability and security guaranteed!

Network Support

Perform a network audit to lay the foundations for a high-performance IT network and ensure maintenance, security and real-time supervision to ensure the smooth running of your activities.

Managed services

Outsource the management of your infrastructures and their support using a proactive approach. Benefit from a scalable environment that adapts to your needs with an integrated IT solution. Your budget is also optimized!

IT Solutions

Reduce your operating costs by having several operating systems coexist independently on the same hardware while sharing the same resources.


Entrust the management of your servers, the backbone of your information system, to experts to guarantee their availability. Your servers are monitored in real time 24 hours a day to anticipate any malfunction.

IT Outsourcing

Choose not only to outsource the management of your IT equipment but also your IT infrastructures. Free yourself completely from technical constraints!

Managed services: benefit and cost?

The managed service providers provide outsourcing your IT department in terms of managing your IT infrastructure and support. Managed services are à la carte and can cover up to your entire IT fleet: supervision, proactive maintenance and preventive maintenance, update management, IT manager, unlimited and remote support.

The added value of providing managed services is the quality of services. Based on a proactive approach with very specific tools, the provision of managed services will allow you to considerably improve your level of service, reduce downtime as much as possible and optimize the costs linked to your IT infrastructures.

A managed service provider, such InterDatalink, generally use proactive management tools and monitoring tools Remote that anticipate breakdowns. Natively integrated into your incident management, customer relationship and billing systems, you benefit from a fully integrated and connected information system.

With our managed services offer, you ensure the continuous management and proper functioning of your infrastructures, whether on site, in our data centers or even in the cloud with maximum traceability.

managed it services, managed it services provider, managed it services near me, managed services hosting, managed it services nj, managed it services new york city

Managed Services - Frequently asked questions

Depending on the Managed Service Providers , they may cover specific functions such as data storage, IT hardware management but may not be able to cover all of the functions of managing your IT infrastructure.

Some will be able to manage your servers and operating system but will offer you limited support. Some will be able to intervene on site while others will have a limited intervention area.

Before choosing your managed service provider, you should ask yourself the right questions:

  • what are your needs in terms of IT management and outsourcing?
  • Are you satisfied with your management of your IT equipment?
  • what are the weak points of your IT infrastructure? what would be the impacts of a failure?
  • What would be the degree of criticality?

You can then assess the adequacy between your needs for the management of your IT infrastructure, your budget and the services of your managed service provider: flexibility, proactive approach, scalable and tailor-made contract, etc.

Traditionally, managed service providers have supported enterprises in their management of on-premises applications and IT infrastructure. Since SaaS and cloud computing have emerged and democratized to offer more flexible and efficient IT solutions, managed service providers have reinvented themselves.

Migration to the cloud, management of cloud solutions, IS compliance, … new missions fall to them! To cope with the multitude of cloud computing platforms and SaaS software, having recourse to an IT expert makes even more sense.

Managing complex platforms and mixed infrastructures is becoming one of the key missions for managed service providers. Their role is not limited to the management of IT equipment but they also have a mission of advice, management control of processes and infrastructures in order to carry out the outsourcing of the information system successfully! A managed service provider like InterDataLink will support you in your digital transformation !

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