Hosted Cloud Services

Hosting + Dedicated Servers

  • Data centers located in New York and New Jersey with 100GB/s connections
  • Ultra-secure infrastructure protected against possible disasters and cyber-attacks
  • Management of your infrastructures and real-time monitoring 
  • A range of hosted services meeting high availability and performance requirements
  • Our IT hardware architecture will allow you to consolidate and manage storage, processing, networking, and physical server virtualization functions within a single application.
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Discover our secure cloud hosting offer!

We offers you to host your infrastructures in our 100% US and latest generation data centers. Now create your own private and secure cloud that we will size according to the specification of your company and your business applications. Our cloud solutions offer flexible management of your resources by adapting to the pace of your demand.

  • High availability cloud hosting
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Scalable cloud hosting
  • Outsourcing of your cloud

Our enterprise cloud solutions

Cloud hosting

Instead of investing in an internal server infrastructure, choose dedicated hosting for your servers, applications and data in one of our ultra-secure latest generation data centers located in New York and New Jersery US.

Outsourced Backup

Protect and effectively back up your data against theft, loss, hacking in one of our latest generation data centers located in US. Outsourced backup is the life insurance of your data!

Managed Cloud

Free yourself from the constraints of a traditional platform with on-site server management. Go full cloud with InterDataLink for more agility and performance!

Hosted cloud services, what are all advantages?

Choosing hosted services means choosing to have a more flexible IS that adapts to your real needs and more efficient thanks to technical infrastructures at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. No need to worry about the administration, maintenance or evolution of your information system.

The security of your data is the responsibility of your IT host. The latter must provide you with regular and incremental backups of all your data and business applications. An encryption and encryption system will be put in place to strengthen the security of the infrastructure against possible external attacks.

Using hosted services also means optimizing your IT budget. You reduce your operating and operating costs for your IS. Your hosted service provider will be able to offer you attractive rates. Indeed, the latter pools its IT resources. Thus, a data center allows you to reduce your energy bill! In addition, you will only pay for what you consume!

Finally, choose a cloud solution provider who will offer you a transparent and local service. It is essential that your service provider can assure you full transparency on how your data is hosted. A service provider who will have a data center in US will comply with the regulations in force on data management.

Choosing to use hosted services means choosing a provider that you can trust in terms of data security and backup to ultimately optimize your IT budget and have services tailored to your real needs.

managed it services, managed it services provider, managed it services near me, managed services hosting, managed it services nj, managed it services new york city

Frequently asked questions

InterDataLink is a team of specialists who are committed to developing partnership relationships with its customers and who guarantee you to benefit from the latest innovations in both hardware and software. You benefit from high availability hosting allowing you to store both your business applications, your databases, etc.

Our cloud hosting solutions allow you to benefit from scalable cloud hosting. Cloud hosting allows you to support a ramp-up of your activity according to the seasonality of your activity for example.In addition, the allocated resources are created to measure according to your needs.With a cloud hosting offer you Save time and money.

Cloud computing enables flexible management of resources, their volume and also their duration of use. It is fully managed cloud hosting: you don’t have to invest in hardware or worry about maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Each company, whether it is an SME, TPE has needs in terms of data hosting. Depending on the context, the requirements in terms of service guarantees and security may differ. Choosing high availability cloud hosting means making sure you benefit from professional hosting services managed by experts.

You gain in performance, availability and security.

Axido offers you hosted services including our high availability hosting offers which allow you to benefit from hosting designed and sized according to your specificities (size of your IT equipment, volume of data, etc.).

he hosting on dedicated cloud is one of the most desired by business deals. Indeed, cloud computing solutions today offer more flexibility and agility.

The dedicated cloud is a private virtual space in a physical server. It allows you to benefit from an optimal level of security for your data and to host your business applications. This allows you total isolation at all levels. Virtual servers are hosted in our data centers.

Dedicated cloud or private cloud is a more expensive solution than public or hybrid cloud (combining private cloud and public cloud). On the other hand, you only pay for what you consume as resources. You thus guarantee yourself a control of operating costs.

InterDataLink offers you dedicated high availability cloud hosting coupled with an outsourcing offer to support you in your cloud computing solution.

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