Digital Transformation

A strategic turn for companies

  • In the all-digital era, the business world is undergoing profound changes. Traditional models have been redesigned or even disrupted. All of the company’s stakeholders (managers, CIOs, employees) must work together to understand the challenges of the digital transformation of companies.
  • InterDataLink supports you in this process by allowing you to activate the technological levers that will allow you to succeed in your digital transformation.
  • Offer a unique experience to your employees, in secure multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments
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The fourth industrial revolution is beginning to move towards the digital enterprise !

Full of promises and opportunities, the digital transformation of companies also involves profound changes in both technological and human terms as well as being able to control your investment.

Faced with a wide and complex range of applications and technologies, it is difficult to navigate and make the right choices to ensure the sustainability of your company.

InterDataLink, as an IT outsourcing company for 15 years, relies on its IT expertise to advise and support you in your digital transformation. We rely on the 5 technological pillars of the digital transformation of SMACS companies: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Security.

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Our solutions to accelerate your digital transformation

Digital Workspace

Deploy the work environment of tomorrow to promote mobility, collaboration, agility and ultimately productivity. Rethink the modes of communication.

Microsoft 365

Revolutionize your ways of working and communicating while rethinking your infrastructure! Achieve your digital transformation

Managed services

Modernize your IT with a more efficient hyperconverged infrastructure that is easier to deploy and manage thanks to our cloud technology.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

The digital processing penetrates the business world at all levels; on the one hand, it revolutionizes your processes. Repetitive and time-consuming operations are digitized to be automated. No more risks of errors linked to human manipulations, no more costs linked to the processing of paper administrative documents, your employees can refocus on their core business.
In addition, there is the emergence and democratization of collaborative tools, to improve teamwork and increase communication between your teams wherever they are. On the other hand, cloud solutions facilitate the mobility of your employees. 
Easily accessible from a web browser and on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone), cloud computing also offers technological opportunities for your IT infrastructures: cloud hosting, outsourced backup, serverless, etc. Free yourself from technical constraints and from maintaining your infrastructures in operational conditions to entrust their services to an IT expert.
You will thus benefit from a high-performance, scalable and secure infrastructure without investment in CAPEX. Initiate your digital transformation to remain competitive and innovative in a constantly evolving competitive market!
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Frequently asked questions

In the digital age , businesses are gradually beginning their digital transformation: change in working methods, change in communication methods,… the impacts on the organization are numerous. Faced with this complexity, US businesses are lagging behind on the subject of digital transformation.The challenges raised are as follows:

  • the cost for 62%: it is essential to control your investment and measure the ROI
  • resistance to change for 52%, you have to succeed in supporting change with your employees so that they adopt new uses and take full advantage of them
  • the lack of skills for 52%, you have to succeed in navigating a complex and constantly evolving offer

This is why InterDataLink supports you at all steps of your digital transformation in order to make your project a success!

Processes are at the heart of the digital transformation of companies.New technologies will optimize existing processes and workflows thanks to the all-digital era. Indeed, by integrating management software, your IS will now be connected with your businesses.

The digitization will allow structuring and process automation. Thus, you will be able to benefit from:

  • cost reduction with fewer malfunctions, a zero paper policy, etc.
  • improving your productivity with a common repository of processes and saving time so that your teams can focus on value-added tasks
  • greater transparency between departments to improve communication and collaboration
  • better customer satisfaction thanks to smoother exchanges and better responsiveness of your employees

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