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Dedicated Server or VPS?


It has now become a mandatory step to start a digital transformation. Even if you own a local business that sells local services only, you will need to go online.

Digital transformation doesn’t just mean to get a website. Instead, it’s the process of moving most of your offline work online. This includes various things starting from your daily communication to your sales part.

Let’s talk about all the things one by one. Later on, we will also see which server you can select.


What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of moving all or most of your offline activities online. It includes all the things such as moving your daily meetings online and leveraging the internet to boost the sales and efficiency of the team.

There are various things you can do from various perceptive. We will surely be seeing some of the most important things that you need to do for digital transformation. It will include all the things starting with increasing team communication to boosting sales. We will see some quick approaches where digital transformation will be useful.

We will also see which type of hosting you can choose in this case. Of course, if you are an IT company, you already will be having a cloud server where you can host all your data. However, it’s also necessary to get the cloud as it will help you in storing your data.


Advantages of Digital Transformation

Before we head over to our main point, we will see some of the reasons why digital transformation is useful. These are how digital transformation will help you.


Data Collection

When it comes to the online world, data plays a very important role. Not only you but your customer will also benefit from digital transformation. You can run the analysis and get a detailed report of your sales and orders if any. Further, you can also get interesting insights by which you can plan your business strategies in a better way.


Time Management

It’s a great way to save time. You can easily assign the work to your employees with just a few clicks. Your worker can send the report and submit their progress from your web app. By removing the need for offline meetings and one-on-one calls, you will save a lot of time. Not to mention, there are various tasks which be done automatically without the need for humans. For example, you can use the insight to plan a strategy. As you already have access to reports, it will be a lot easier for you to create the strategy as well.


Increased Revenue

Not to mention, it will increase revenue. There are more than 80% of organizations that have completed the digital transformation and have seen a huge amount of profits in their revenue. If you want to be one of them, you should be doing this. It will increase the marketing share. Not to mention, as it increases productivity, you can also deliver the final products in less amount of time. As a result, you will surely make better profits.


Customer Experience and Sales

It will enhance the customer experience in many possible ways. The first thing is that you can filter out the customers based on the amount of satisfaction. Digital transformation will allow you to store all the insights on the software. You can easily store the ratings of your customer. The software will automatically find and filter out the data. You can then apply the marking strategies to increase the retention rate and provide better services.


Team Work

Most organizations are relying on teamwork. Whether it’s an IT company or you are running a packaging business. All of them will require a team. Having software for your company will increase the teamwork as well. You can take daily online meetings or the reporting can also be done online with the help of the software. It will allow you to create teams and people from different departments can collaborate for better productivity. In the end, it will increase teamwork. It will surely benefit you as well.


Security and Scalability

The last thing that is most important in digital transformation is security and scalability. Data is secure and safe. As you own the complete network and all the data is stored in your cloud, you will get better security of the data. Not to mention, you can surely connect more servers and scale up your business. Most businesses will just need one dedicated server in which they can keep every single thing. However, if you own a huge company, you can surely connect more than two servers and scale up the data.


Software and Web apps for Digital Transformation

Now, we will see some of the types of apps you can use for digital transformation.

Messaging: The first thing you need is software for your team collaboration. You will have to look for a feature that makes team collaboration easy and fast.

Customer Management: You will also have to look for the features that have customer management options. Customer management will help you to increase customer service and provide better services to them.

Insights and reports: It’s necessary to have the reports and insights. This will give you a complete analysis of the data. For example, you can look up the total number of sales last month or on a specific date last month. This will also allow you to create new strategies.

Integration: Last but not the least, you need to look for the feature that allows you to integrate with all the tools and software. You will be using many other tools and software. There should be easy integration between all these tools.


Choosing the Server

You will need a server to keep all your data. You don’t need to buy the server and configure it. Instead, you can buy the online virtual server and rent it. Many companies allow you to rent out a server. You can choose from various server types. Depending on your need, you can choose the server that you need the most. This is where the main part of beings. Your next job is to choose the server and find the one that is most compatible with you. It’s not about choosing the best one but it’s about choosing the one that fits your requirements.

Now comes the main part that is choosing the server. There are many options you can choose from when it comes to hosting your data. You can either go with a dedicated server or you can go with VPS that is Virtual Private Server. This depends on the business you are working on. If you have a huge business, you can go with the dedicated server whereas if you are a small business or a start-up, you should focus on VPS rather than a dedicated server

Let’s talk about the two types of servers.


VPS – Virtual Private Server

Most of the start-ups and small businesses choose to go with the VPS which is the most popular type of server that you can go with.

Here, there are various buckets made from one single server. You will get one bucket for your use. There are different panels for each bucket. So, you can easily manage the VPS with ease.

As the server is divided into some users, the number of resources allocated is also divided into various parts. In this way, you will have a limited resource using which you can work. So, you will get limited resources here, but it will also decrease the pricing of the server as well. This is an affordable option available for you.

Let’s say for example if it’s a server with 1000 GB of space. Now, if there are 10 parts of the server, each part will be allocated 100 GB of space. As a result, you will have a separate panel and account from which you can use 100 GB of space.

Usually, small businesses will need fewer resources and will need a limited amount of data. SO, they will choose to go with the VPS instead of going with the dedicated server hosting. Virtual private servers are best for most small businesses. The company can also manage the server for you if you don’t want to manage the technical side. It’s called a managed VPS. This will make your work easier and faster.

However, if you don’t want the VPS and want the complete resources, you can surely go with the dedicated server hosting where you will have complete access to the resources.


Dedicated Server

Now, the next option you will have is a dedicated server. A dedicated server is where you will have complete access to the server. You can choose various things here such as the RAM of the server and the amount of space you want.

If the company has a server with such specifications available, they will allow it to you with the monthly fee. However, if it’s not available, you will have to choose from the available one. So, that’s one thing that you need to keep in mind.

As you are the core owner of the server, you will have full resources for you. Along with this, the responsibilities will increase as you are the core owner of the server and you will have to manage the server by yourself. In simpler words, you are responsible for the security of the server and you are the one who must maintain it.


Which one to Choose?

No doubt, there are managed dedicated servers that you can get but it will cost you more. In most cases, people will go with the unmanaged dedicated server hosting. Not to mention, you will also have an option to hire a technical team that will handle the work for you. In simpler words, the technical team will handle the server for you, and you can focus on your business.

Not to mention, you can also go with the VPS first, and when the need increases, you can shift and migrate to the dedicated server. You can surely do that if you want. This is the best way to start your digital journey. Most people will first go with the VPS and when there is a need, they will shift the server to the dedicated one. This will allow them to save money as well as they will know about both servers too. It is surely your choice which one you want to go with.

So, the answer will surely depend on your requirements.

There is one alternative option you can go with which is chosen by many people. That is a Hybrid cloud with colocation solutions. Let’s see a quick overview of it.


Hybrid Cloud with Colocation

A hybrid cloud with colocation is a solution in which the company can maintain a datacenter. Later on, when there is a need, they can transfer the work out to the cloud. In simpler words, it will maintain the private cloud and third-party cloud services into one.

Not to mention, privacy and security are maintained here. As a result, your data will be safe when you are using a hybrid cloud. You will get more resources in the hybrid cloud. Again, this depends on your need.


Final Words

To conclude, this is all about digital transformation. You can surely use the dedicated server hosting if you have the budget. Further, if you don’t have more budget, you can surely go with the VPS. Last but not the least, you can also go with the hybrid cloud with colocations. This will give you more scalability to make sure that all the things are going as per your need. You can also go with a different type of hosting other than this. However, this will not allow you to scale up. So, the best would be to choose from these three types of hosing depending on your needs and requirements.

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