Init7 AG (AS13030)

CERN (AS513)


CenturyLink (AS209)

KPN Eurorings (AS286)

DFN/WiN (AS680)

Airwire (AS42227)

Ecritel (AS8304)

Nexica (AS24592)


ENTEL (AS6471)

RedIRIS (AS766)

Telus (AS852)

Sprintlink (AS1239)

TeliaSonera (AS1299)

SUNET - Swedish university network (AS1653)

Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - RNP (AS1916)

BT Ireland (AS2110)

MORENet (AS2572)

AAPT (AS2764)

Orange Business Services Russia (AS2854)

NTT (AS2914)

Ukrainian Academic & Research Network (AS3255)

RUNNet (AS3267)

TDC (AS3292)

Telia Denmark (AS3308)

CenturyLink (AS3356)

Internode (AS4739)

BT Global Services (AS5400)

root SA (AS5577)

Teleglobe (AS6453)

AboveNet (AS6461)

TPNET (AS5617)

Sunrise (AS6730)

Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

Sakura Internet (AS76684)

Nac.Net (AS8001)

Claranet (AS8196 & 8426 & 8975)

Neotelecoms/Eunetworks (AS8218)

Lirex BG Ltd (AS8262)

RiNET (AS8331)

Telekom Srbija (AS8400)

NetCologne (AS8422)

Entanet (AS8468)

MAcomnet (AS8470)

Obit Telecommunications (AS8492)

DataForce (AS8515)

Dolphins Network Systems (AS8758)

SolNet (AS9044)

Sakura Internet (AS9370)

Primus Telecommunications Australia (AS9443)

Powertel (AS9837)

Eastlink (AS11260)

ITGate Network (AS12779)

Business Internet Trends (AS12859)

BITE GSM (AS13194)

RHnet - Iceland University Research Network (AS15474)

Bulgarian Internet Exchange (AS15669)

ATMAN (AS15694)

WNet (AS15772)

NETpilot GmbH (AS15968)

Algar Telecom (AS16735)

ELTEL (AS20597)

UnixSol (AS24770)

ACTIVE 24 (AS25234)

Alsys Data SRL (AS25409)

ASDASD srl (AS28929)

Telenet Ltd (AS29053)

Probe Networks (AS29686)

BRS-Intron AB (AS30795)

JSC Proekt (AS31138)

nterscholz (AS33843)

Romania Internet Security Systems (AS34043)

ETT (AS35320)

True International Gateway (AS38082)

IP Triple Play (AS41095)

Airexpress (AS48415)

BGP Looking Glass


A comprehensive list of BGP looking glass servers located in various geographic regions.

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